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Need Help With CQC Registration?

Whether you are starting a squat practice or changing your entity, we can help.

There is nothing stopping you doing it yourself, full information is on the CQC website, however, it is time consuming and you will usually be doing other, far more interesting things.

We can help you 

Initial Registration

If you are starting a squat practice, buying an existing practice or moving/adding a location we can take the headache of the paperwork off you.

This means we can do the paperwork for the new provider and Registered Manager too.  We will submit it to the CQC and also liaise with them for any and all communication. 

We will also prep you for your registration interviews.


Registration Interviews

Once the application has been accepted it is then time for your interviews. We can, via zoom, prep you for your interview and help you with your final stage of registration.



Going forwards, if you choose to, we can help you with your ongoing compliance.


Pricing Structure

The registration process takes 2 full days of paperwork preparation, communication, liaising with you and CQC and interview prep.  This will be charged in 2 phases:

£980 upon successful receipt by the CQC of the application

£980 When you have passed the interview

No VAT or hidden extras.

Get in Touch

You can call, email, text or message me for a chat to see if we can help you

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